Monday, November 24, 2008

A Crafty New Start

Due to some really nice mama requests that I post my crochet work online, I've decided to create a seperate outlet just for this. Mainly because although I love sharing my work on my family blog, I don't want to detract from all of the great photos of my kids!

A little bio about how I started this whole adventure in crochet:

I was 7 years old when my mother first handed me a crochet hook and started to show me how to make granny squares. I would mimic her motions and eventually would have cascading flows of checks rolling off of the couch. Mainly I started with giant squares and called them afghans. Then I realized I could make smaller squares of multiple colors and some piecework stuff emerged.

When I moved around age 10, I lost the skill for a while having too much to do trying to get acclimated in a new town where things weren't so good and I didn't really have a lot of friends. I really just found little outdoor adventures and snacked away my frustrations.

My mother got married when I was 12 and we moved again. It wasn't too much longer after that I picked up the hook again and started making more squares, circles, and anything else that can be made by the granny square technique.

One day in high school I discovered patterns! I also discovered that I had been crocheting kind of "backwards" in that I was inserting the hook from the backside of my work. Having watched my left handed mother, I didn't translate this minor change when I adapted it to myself. When I fixed the problem, I discovered that my work was much less bulky. I taught myself how to read patterns around age 14 and by college I was working on creating my own things.

I still prefer using other published patterns and testing ones that other novice crocheters post on the internet. There are spurts when I do it more than others but it's something that I know will stick with me for a long time and hopefully some things will last for a bit longer than me!

Thanks to everyone who has taken such interest. I'll do my best to keep up posting things as I go and to try to put up some earlier work too.


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