Monday, November 24, 2008

Jumper and Edged blanket for Baby Emile - around 2000

(Note, this is "fleck" yarn which means there are meant to be bits of different colors scattered throughout. It's not dust or lint or anything like that)
Given to my cousin's first son, Emile. I had been making these jumpers for children in the family for several years and what I learned after my own son was born was that there was no way this jumper could have fit any of my cousin's 9 or 10 lb babies. My son barely fit in the pattern! Now I make them a lot larger!
Here is Arthur below, weighing in this photo about 6.5 lbs in the version of the jumper I made for him. I couldn't even button the top button. My cousins were all very kind to not let me know that their babies never fit...I've always felt badly about it too!
(Note: Joanne made the afghan he is laying on. This set was done in late 2004 or early 2005)

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